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Move over Cat Lady, Plants are Growing!

Move over Cat Lady, Plants are Growing!

Posted by Steven Kawecki on Mar 5th 2019

I remember a time when someone said, “that chick is a total cat lady.” Your mind immediately went into hyperdrive and you wondered what her place was like, how many cats she had, and if she talked to all of them like humans. There were always more questions than answers and then all of the sudden, one day, cat people were hip, they were cutting edge, what they did with their cats got large amounts of social media attention and acceptance. Viva Los Gatos!

Now you’re reading the title of this post and probably wondering what cat people have to do with plants and the answer is simple. People who obsess over plants, are the new cat people! It is now hip to be into plants. Indoor plants, outdoor plants, plants that need constant attention, plants that need none of your attention, it doesn’t matter. Plants are in, they are hip, and the millennials of the world are buying plants like crazy. Something as simple as a succulent that sits on your window to elaborate the room. Pinterest and other idea websites are becoming flooded with different plans and formats for terrariums and fairy gardens or how to plan the perfect herb garden. The options are endless and it doesn’t stop with just plants, like any cat, there is always room to accessorize! Yes! It’s time to put your DIY to good use and find some old wood or an old shutter and make some beautiful garden décor or a trendy new plant container.

Plants as many know are very healthy for a home, they keep the air clean, they provide peace and tranquility. They provide natural scents that people love and, most importantly, when a friend walks into your house and sees a plant, they ask what it is. You become an expert, you blow their mind with your knowledge of your plant and then when they stand, their gaping mouth staring at it you drop the bomb “hey, I’m actually going out of town this weekend, can you plant sit for me?” BOOM! Your friend stares at you bewildered and then she says without hesitation “Yeah, I will totally watch your plant.” You write down the instructions as if she’s going into brain surgery and your friend leaves texting her boyfriend “OMG! I am plant sitting for Ashley! I luv it!” The boyfriend confused about this revelation goes immediately onto to search through an endless catalog of plant varieties or to order his girlfriend a brand new, baby, Spider Plant (which are known to clean the air of your home naturally and helps eliminate VOCs Volatile Organic Compounds). He becomes the sensitive, always listening boyfriend who searched to the ends of the world wide web to find the absolute, perfect, stunning, beautiful, hypnotic, plant of her dreams. Meanwhile he turns on the game and wonders what exactly “plant sitting” entails. The benefits are always huge when it comes to plants, the cons are of course it could die, which happens all the time but the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. After careful research and once you determine which plants work best in your home, you will have thriving plants across your home, patio, or gardens.

Now of course there is always a pros and cons game between plant lovers and animal lovers. Can they coexist? Yes! But in case you were wondering why plants might be better than pets, I have made a list of Top 10 reasons why Plants are better than Pets!

#10 – A plant will not meow in your face at 4am because it wants more food!

#9 – You don’t need to spend tons of money on toys for a plant!

#8 – The plants will clean your air while your gassy dog destroys it!

#7 – Plants require sun, dogs require all your immediate attention as soon as you walk in the door!

#6 – When its -10 below your plant doesn’t need to go to the bathroom at 11pm!

#5 – Overwater a plant, oops, don’t water it tomorrow, overwater your dog, time to go rug shopping!

#4 – Cats will hate you for no reason, plants can’t hate you!

#3 – Plants can help you sleep, Dogs can help you get up in the middle of the night!

#2 – Golden Creepy Jenny’s are way better than a golden creepy cat hiding in the shadows!

And the #1 reason is...

Litter box neglection leads to smells, succulent neglection leads to you looking like a gardening boss! (No disrespect to pets with this list. I own 2 cats and a dog and still have the joy and beauty of plants around my home. I am just showing you that plants are easy, safe, and fun.)

So there you have it, when you’re sitting at the coffee shop and you’re wondering what all the young, hip, millennials are doing on a Saturday, you can bet your money they are online shopping at or and building the next indoor gardening masterpiece for their home or office! Happy reading and happy planting!

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